Alumni Connect

Dear Alumni,

No matter whether you are in your thirties, forties, fifties…. even nineties for all we know as our colleges are almost 120 years old, it’s never too late to revisit your childhood, adolescence or youth spent in one or all of the four Sen Group institutions. Your alma mater is for the first time welcoming you back with open arms to reconnect with the best days of your life through this unique initiative – Alumni Connect. We are even welcoming of the children of our Alumni for visits and queries about the student life of their mother, grandmother or great grandmother.

The world of education has gained a lot of momentum in the recent times and has become a very dynamic field with great scope of innovation and better engagement techniques. Keeping up with the times and demands of the field, the Group is currently functioning under a new and young management and the dedicated team of teachers, clerks and sub staff is working harder than ever under their guidance. But we desperately need more hands to build the ground for our vision to come true – a vision for better, wider and more inclusive education. Our collective motivation and efforts need a helping hand or at least a pat on the back by well placed alumni or their descendants whose appreciation, involvement and contribution shall act as the wind beneath our wings to take us higher.

Education, and only education perhaps, has the unique ability to lift not just a person or his immediate family but even successive generations to a better quality of life and opportunities. Your institutions might have done that to you and your successive generations many many years ago and now having taken that leap, we seek to offer you to extend the gift of that opportunity to many less fortunate ones by contributing through ideas, connections, references and donations to the initiatives of your colleges that are currently underway.

All the institutions under Sen Group are striving to offer a wider variety of courses and streams, bring in greater number of vocational courses, provide better on campus infrastructure, more engaging curriculum, interactive methods of teaching, greater participation of students in on-campus extra-curricular activities, more number of competitions and fests.

Please mail your personal queries and suggestions to and post your feedback and ideas on this page.


Please tell us what do you think, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.